How to Find the Perfect Girl



The other day, a friend of mine suggested I was misogynistic.


I believe his exact words were, "Jeffy, you love sex, but you view women as an obstacle to getting sex."


Hahah, well, I've gotta respond to this, because I think this whole issue is very important, nay, integral to success in the arena of social dynamics. So let's take a minute here so I can explain how I feel.


When I was a kid, I thought women should be worshipped and put up on a pedestal.


I would see "players" who got with a lot of girls and think they were horrible people who were evil and hurtful to women.


I thought I should buy chicks things and write poems and all this bullshit.


I did not get laid much at all. Big surprise.


Then after a couple of seriously screwed up long-term relationships, I decided to become a player. A straight DOG, yo! The guy that never calls girls back, and never buys them anything whatsoever. In other words, a total jerk.


So I fumbled around at this for a while, with very limited success.


As I started to find out what real game was, my attitude changed once more.


I realized that a great deal of the whole "bitches and hoes" attitude of these posturing, so-called "players" was the result of their frustration at being incapable of scoring without the aid of "roofies".


So, now armed with game, I began to develop a new-found respect for women.


That's when I started to get really good.


But as I got more and more success and understanding, I had to wonder.


A lot of the things I saw "in the field" made me start to question my beliefs.


The point is, there's gotta be a way to reconcile this stuff with your belief systems.


When you acknowledge, as you must, that there is no such thing as the perfect person or the perfect interaction, only the idea of it, then the real purpose of striving for that perfection becomes clear: to make people happy.


That's what the game is all about.


At the fundamental level, we are all just animals with some very base motivations for our actions.


In other words, you gotta take the good with the bad.


A major source of pleasure for me is found in having respect for the "target". To run a sloppy set is not only a waste of the potential sex, but also a waste of the potential of pleasing that woman.


Respect for the target is a respect for life, for who we are

and what we do.


But to give pleasure, you have to take pleasure yourself.


For me, its the satisfaction of being in the field most every day; coming up with new material, or picking some girl up over my shoulder and carrying her around the bar, or disarming an obstacle, or playing the phone game: the mechanical jobs we do daily, year after year.


This is the big challenge; to maintain passion for the everyday routine and the endlessly repeated act, to derive deep  gratification from the mundane.


Say you want to hit up an extremely difficult-looking set.


You might look at it and think, "Sigh. I'm gonna have those alpha dudes up in my face within two seconds, her back is toward me, she looks pretty aloof so I know I'll have to plow some serious bitch shield, and those two chicks with the warts she's with aren't gonna help things either!"


But doing those things- launching your weapons at just the right time, calibrating everything, befriending the peer group-that is the game.


It is one of my favorite things to do.


The idea of pickup and the idea of studying/writing about pickup are to me somewhat in conflict.


There is an inherent contradiction between proscribed routines or internet postings which are documents, and a pick up artist, who is an evolving soul not easily transcribed in "method" form.


A "method" has no soul. You, as the player, must bring soul to the method.


These methods and techniques have been painstakingly documented, but they should be used as tools rather than an exact blueprint.


You can read the mechanics- how to run a specific routine, for example. But your routine won't be perfect if you merely follow the script. If you don't feel it, it won't be perfect, no matter how well you recite the lines.


On the other hand, if it's not really a perfect routine, but you have maintained a great feeling for it, then you have run a routine perfectly because there was that passion behind what you did.

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